Worm Rescues, God’s Sausages, and Other Random Distractedness

Worm Rescues, God’s Sausages, and Other Random Distractedness

With all the rain, I have been in worm rescue mode when out and about. The thought of those little guys being stranded on the pavement or sidewalk and turning into crispy fried noodles just breaks my heart. I have never had an aversion to earthworms, so picking them up to move them isn’t a problem in that area… now the wiggle factor… that’s another story. I have found the best technique is to lightly touch them at one end, then the other, causing them to contract into a zig-zag shape. If you’re lucky, they’ll double up on themselves, forming a ball of sorts, and then you can grab them even easier!

While I am walking around or doing various tasks or chores, I find myself singing the last song I heard. To be real, it is just the one verse or chorus that struck me and I tend to sing it over and over in my head. You know, like so often that you end up singing totally different words in place of the original? I found myself singing “Stanleeey, Stanleeeeeeey, Stanley and the Sausages of God!” for my final verse of “Standing on the Promises of God”.

Have you ever been driving down a street that has above-ground electrical/telephone lines and notice a tree growing directly beneath the lines? And the tree has been pruned to grow around it, making an obvious “V” or “U” shape? Does this effect the health of the tree? Will it be able to support its limbs being diverted as such?

Yes, these are the random things I do, and the indwelling types of thoughts I tend to have simply rambling around in my head. They are not out of the ordinary for me, however, I believe this realization came about because I am devoting more time to reading my Bible these days. How often did Jacob or Rachel have distracting thoughts? Noah? Joseph? Jesus? The disciples? How did they handle them? How can we handle our own distractions?

God created us to use our minds creatively, but I will be more aware of focusing my thoughts toward less random and more righteous directions. No more Sausages of God. May they be healthy, fat-free Turkey!

Amen and Amen

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