Kids Say the Darndest Things

Kids Say the Darndest Things

I am sure you have heard the saying, kids are like little sponges. They absorb everything they can. The age between birth and 5 years old is said to be the prime time for learning. They are learning and absorbing everything in their environment. This can be good – children this age can learn different languages much more easily than adults. But, it can also have its downside. They tend to absorb EVERYTHING! They have no filter because it is all new to them. They are just watching and observing and ABSORBING!

I have worked with children all of my adult life in one manner or another and, as the old show says, “Kids Say the Darndest Things!”.  Recently I was talking with a little girl about a person we both knew. As we were talking I mentioned that I wished she knew more about God and Jesus. All of a sudden this little girl perked right up and said, “Oh but she does! She says Jesus Christ all the time!”  Oh my gosh! I thought I would die trying not to laugh as I talked with her. We talked about how she didn’t mean the same thing as we do when we talk about Jesus. We talked about how the Bible talks about not using God’s name in such a way. But then the other shoe dropped with this little one and she said, “I think she is praying when she says that”. Once again I had to control my laughter!

That’s a funny story, but what’s my point you say? Kids absorb everything! So, in our everyday lives we are modeling our Christian walk to all these little short people we call our children. You see how they are constantly listening and observing and ABSORBING.

The most important job a parent will ever have it to be a model of what it means to follow Christ and to live a life devoted to serving and following Him. It’s a daunting task at times. But God gave us these amazing little beings and He will give us the grace and patience and knowledge to show them the way to Him.

How do I do this? Pray, read the word, pray, and be in environments that will nurture and grow YOU – small groups, church services, Christian friends.

God doesn’t place us here on earth and just say ‘good luck’. He gives us guidance, encouragement and love to make us into the people He means for us to be. We do the same for our kids!

So go out there to your little sponge and make sure they are absorbing the right things from you!!

Kathy Myers

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