Life Hacks

Life Hacks

Maybe you’ve seen the Facebook posts where some individual has come up with a new, simple way to complete a task or perform a work-around to some problem, obstacle, or the like.  In recent years, these have become known as “hacks”.  I think it derives from software technology where fixes or a patch to software “bugs” or “glitches” have become known as “hacks”.  What I have noticed in my 58 years is that nearly everyone comes to some situation or issue in a relationship that they wished they knew some “hack”.

God has given us a great source for “life hacks”.  It’s full of ways to make life easier, more joyous, and experience less conflict.  That source is the Book of Proverbs.  It’s full of practical insights to just about every aspect of life. I believe that you will find that there’s a good reason Proverbs has thirty-one chapters.  A person can read one chapter a day.  Proverbs is not only practical, it’s truly accessible.  You can digest God’s wisdom for life and apply it a little at a time.

Starting this Sunday, I’ll be teaching from the Book of Proverbs in a series I’m calling “Life Hacks”.  I’ll be focusing more on those relating to relationships – from raising children to marriage.   I do believe this series will be life changing.

Have you ever experienced a moment when you found yourself in a “rough patch” and thought, “If only I had listened to Dad about this one.”  I certainly have.  My Mom was all about staying out of debt. My brother and I have commiserated over our debts.  Fortunately, Beckie and I did something about it. The second most mentioned theme in the Bible is money and God’s Word gives us all we need, little “life hacks”, to stay out of debt. We’ve been out of debt since 2012.  It makes life so much easier and less stressful.  It’s been life-changing!

I want to encourage you to come and learn God’s practical “life hacks”.   We will all be blessed by the truth about life found in God’s Word.  I look forward to seeing you!

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