Music and Kids

Music and Kids

Many years ago, when I was still just married and young, I went to an office party for the company I worked for at the time. Some of my fellow workers had imbibed a bit too much, which I guess happens at office parties. One of my good friends from the office was a bit tipsy and grabbed me to go help her do the dishes. As we were standing there she said, “Come on, Kathy! Let’s sing a song!” Knowing her, I had no idea what might come out of her mouth, being the somewhat colorful character that she was. Imaging my surprise when she started singing Jesus Loves Me! When she was done I asked her where she had learned that song. Back when she was a little girl and her grandma used to take her to church, she told me. Oh, my goodness! It was a prime example of how music can get into our heads and will pop up years later when we least expect it. But, it’s there, ready to work its magic.

Over the many years of my working with children, I realized my favorite way to interact with kids of all ages was through music. Most kids enjoy music and respond to music, often when they won’t respond to anything else.

So, if music is good for kids in developing social skills, discipline, problem solving skills, helping in developing creativity and many more things, would it not follow that if we can get the message of God to them through music that it would be a good thing? We all seem to have some little tune that once we hear it, it just sticks in our head and we can’t get rid of it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that little tune or little song was about Jesus?

Sometimes it may seem that when I have music time with the kids, it is just a “fun time” that has no meaning. But, I have learned over the years, that music is one of the best ways to get God into the heads and hearts of, not only little guys, but adults also. So, when we spend time in Kid’s church or K4T singing these, seemingly nonsensical songs, it really is accomplishing something very important. When I am with them, we spend quite a bit of time singing. I have found I can loosen up those little hearts with a fun song and they then become more responsive to the message or story that I might want to present to them.

I am thrilled when I find my granddaughter sitting and playing with her toys or working on the computer and I hear her just singing away with “Our God is so big and so strong and so mighty, there’s nothing my God cannot do!” That is a Biblical truth that is permeating her very soul. It will stay with her long into her adult life.

This Easter Sunday, the RiverStone Kids will be ‘making a joyful noise’ for the Sunday morning service. They are excited, and I am excited for them. They are praising the Lord with their little voices with a song that has seemed to just grab onto their little hearts. My grand daughter was having a sleep over a couple of weeks ago with us and as I was putting her to bed she said, “Grandma! That song just keeps going over and over in my head! I can’t get it out”. But, what a wonderful thing to have going through her mind as she drifted off to sleep.  “Jesus is the light and I’m going to let Him shine!”

Sing with your kids! Teach them to praise the Lord in song. “Jesus Music” in the background as they play is a wonderful way to introduce them to the message of Jesus!

“Sing unto the Lord a new song, for He has done marvelous things!” (Psalm 98:1)

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