Maybe it is the years and years of school, from kindergarten to graduation, that the fall has been seen as a new start. It’s the start of a new school year, new sports season, new friends, new teachers, and a new season of life with each year. So I can’t help but see this coming August as a start of something new. I don’t want to miss the opportunity to start something new. We don’t have to wait for New Years for the “new year, new me” attitude when we have a perfect chance right now. Perhaps this is our chance to refocus our lives, to refocus on what is really important, to put first what should be first in our lives.

I can say with certainty that the upcoming sports season isn’t what should be first. Sports might not be your thing, so let me hit on some topics that have a tendency to trump all other things: sports practices, band rehearsals, being popular, work, new car, homework, getting your kids to any of these things, and pretending to be perfect. Some of these ARE important, but none of these should be FIRST in our lives.

It’s time to refocus our lives and our hearts on what is truly important. One thing should be above all other things – Jesus!

What can we say has more importance than God? If you are a parent, the best example we could set for our kids is to put God first in our lives. I am sure many of us can remember when Wednesday night used to be “church night” and nothing else would happen that evening because it was set apart for church activities. Even the schools set that evening aside as ‘church night’. Now, it battles with sports practices, games, and other school events.

Moving forward into this new start, take a moment and think about what you are putting first. Is it your kids or is it more what your kids are doing? Refocus your heart and your life and put God first. Let Him guide you into the plan He has for you.

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