God Showed Up

I have been in awe all week.  We took another major step this past Sunday, and I believe God was honored and we were blessed.  We launched RiverStone Church with a great spirit, great worship and great crowd.  Excitement was everywhere present as people came together in our Gathering Area for fellowship and then into the sanctuary where they greeted familiar and unfamiliar faces.

All last week, staff, volunteers and I had worked to prepare the various areas for people to enter Sunday.  It wasn’t until Saturday that I had the chance to get nervous.  Then thoughts came from almost out of nowhere.  Like, “What if something goes wrong?”; “What if only a few people show up?”; What if I really stink up the message?”

But God showed up!  Almost everything went really well.  One sick staff member and a missing volunteer were the only hiccups, but those areas were taken care of.  The music was amazing as a large crowd lifted their voices in praise to God.  Everything from organ to the drums!  Yes, blended worship can be relevant and meaningful.

Now, this coming Sunday, I’ll be sharing “The Engine of the Mission”.  We need the Holy Spirit to empower us for the completion of the mission Jesus has given us.  The question is how do we receive Him and His enabling power?  That’s what we’ll look at.  I’m excited about the message.

I’m also excited that it will be the first time that RiverStone Church will celebrate Holy Communion, the Lord’s Supper.  Jesus promises to be present as we remember His sacrifice for us.  He promises that His grace will flow into us like a swelling river.  Let’s all come to RiverStone Church this Sunday at 10:00 a.m. to experience God in an amazing way!



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