But Did You Die?

But Did You Die?

I was driving to work the other day, stopped at the light by Smith’s and Walgreens. Looking at the car in front of me, I noticed some words under the rear window wiper, “BUT DID YOU DIE?” Curious. My first thought went to Jesus on the cross. What was this question asking? No, I didn’t die like He did. Have I been an obedient servant of his and let all my worldly wants and needs die? Have I let all my anger and unforgiveness die, knowing He died for my transgressions? Man… what was this question asking?

What would cause you to die that would ask that question? I think of all my boys-including my husband-and how adventurous they all are. I must admit, I can say that each one of them have been in situations that could have led to their demise, but fortunately, did not! Ok, pop out phone. Google it.

The phrase, apparently, is a pronouncement of annoyance towards someone. It came from the movie, “The Hangover”; a crude comedy bearing homage to men celebrating their last night of “freedom” before their impending wedding. One of the characters was complaining about his misfortune during the previous evening’s escapades, when the other character, having suffered misfortune as well, leading to his momentary death retorted, “But did you DIE?”.

It was a kind of let down, really, finding out where the phrase came from, but hey, it made me think about how much Jesus loves me and how much I love my husband and all my boys. It also reminded me to pray for them and their safety daily. Thank you Jesus for showing me your love in another unconventional way!

Amen and Amen!

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