A lot can change in a year

A lot can change in a year

A lot can change in a year. The year speeds by and all of a sudden we are older, maybe skinnier (or not), hopefully wiser, and hopefully closer to God. These are all things we lay out for ourselves every January. When the next January rolls around we evaluate how we did. Did we meet all those expectations?

A year ago our body of believers decided to change the name of our church and push a symbolic ‘restart’ button. We had stagnated and our denomination was in free-fall. This decision was not an impulsive one, but one born out of much prayer and discussion. As with any decision, some met it with enthusiasm and some not so much. But we felt God was leading us and so on we went.

We will be celebrating our one year anniversary Sunday, January 27, 2019. We will be looking back to see how we have done and celebrating those accomplishments and evaluating and adjusting where needed. We have come through with some bumps and bruises, but also with renewed conviction that we need God and His wisdom and guidance for anything good to be accomplished.

We have changed our worship style to include both the traditional as well as the contemporary. We have lost some of those close to us, but also gained new and valued friends and members. We have started several new ministries to children and adults and kept many that have been with us over the years. Many have stepped forward to lead and serve in these endeavors. That’s what makes things happen.

Are we where we want to be? Not yet. But, it is a growth process. Not all babies walk in their first year, but we only worry if they are making no progress at all.

That’s what God does with us. As long as we are moving forward with His guidance, then we have reason to rejoice and He has reason to be pleased.

A  year ago on our launch Sunday when we were setting out on this adventure Canaan, our worship leader, sang the song “Find Us Faithful’.  “May all who come behind us find us faithful” it says. On our first anniversary perhaps it’s important for us to ask ourselves that question – have we been faithful to this new vision? Have we dedicated ourselves to do all we can as individuals, as well as a church family to make it work? What areas can I do more in? Have I been a hindrance or a help?

As with any time of evaluation, it can be a tough thing to face these questions. But, as we do, it can also be a time of celebration as we become more aware of the areas in which we have succeeded! There have been successes! There is hope in this endeavor! Will there be more difficult times ahead? Probably. But anything worthwhile is worth fighting for and working towards, so that when the end comes, those who come behind us truly will find us faithful to the vision God has given us for RiverStone Church.

Come and celebrate our successes and hopes and dreams for the future this Sunday, January 27th, at 10:00. Be a part of the work God is doing here at RiverStone!

As we enter our second year as RiverStone Church I would encourage all of us to be encouraged and excited in the direction we have taken and our journey thus far. God has a plan and some wonderful things in store for us as we work together to seek His will and accomplish that plan.

We have a community that needs the gifts that God has given RiverStone Church.

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