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Love, Follow & Serve is not only our mission and vision, but it is also the process by which we make fully mature Christ-followers. Loving God provides the desire to follow Jesus, and following Jesus leads us to serve God and others.

United Methodist Church Denomination

Our response to the crisis within

For some time now, RiverStone Church’s leadership, known as the Church Council, has been actively pursuing discernment for the direction of our church in response to the crisis within our denomination. The United Methodist Church announced its decision to postpone General Conference until2024, effectively eliminated any timely resolution regarding how UM churches may withdraw from the denomination.
After years of RSC’s prayerful consideration in this matter, UMC’s announcement prompted our Church Council to act. They agreed to begin the process of transferring our current affiliation with the United Methodist Church to the Global Methodist Church.

Most of the remaining actions needed to complete the transfer are outside our control and have not yet been finalized. Conversations are taking place to arrive at an amicable separation.
Once a path has been identified, entered, and agreed upon, we will update our site.

LOVE is something we learn from God because He is the source of love. God is love and demonstrated that love through Jesus Christ. It was Jesus who told us to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength; and to love others as ourselves. Jesus also tells us to demonstrate that love in worship, deep friendship, and care and support people in their hurts and needs. To love Jesus means that we follow Him…

To FOLLOW Jesus means first living His Way. To do so means we embark on a journey to learn His way. Being devoted to Jesus, we gradually become more like Him, and we desire others to know the joy and fulfillment that can be experienced with Jesus. He calls us to make other Christ-followers, teaching them and equipping them through spiritual practices that deepen their relationship with God and each other, and enable us all to serve…

To SERVE God and others is often one in the same. Jesus tells us that “As you do to the least of these [people], so you do to Me.” Christ followers’ service is love in action. It can be simple and often is. But it is costly, even sacrificial. But it is worthy of our very life, for through loving, following and serving we truly live.
Rev. Brian Adams

Rev. Brian Adams

Lead Pastor


Brian has a passion for seeing people grow in their relationship and walk with Jesus. Envisioning a vibrant and active body of Christ followers, he prays our congregation makes a heavenly impact upon individuals, families and community in the Four Corners Region and beyond.


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